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 Holland's Application

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PostSubject: Holland's Application   Holland's Application Icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 10:39 pm

Full Name: Zach Holland
Xfire: zholland
(Do you have ventrilo?: Yes
Do you have a microphone?:Yes
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Location:Washington State, United States
How often are you online?:Everyday
Prior realism unit experience (Any game): No realism, but I have played competetively on MW2 and Black ops, on a 4v4 team and on a 2v2 team.
What do you hope to accomplish by joining the 77th FS? I hope to find a group of people to fly with. I've had IL-2 1946 for a while and have been looking for a squadron to fly with. Also, I'm not sure if you guys are active or not, so if you are, I hope to be flying with you guys soon.

By posting this you agree to the following:
- I understand that I must be active with in the unit
- I understand that once I am given my tags, I am to respect them and may never remove them
- I understand that I will undergo flight training and will be required to participate in unit missions and drills
- I understand that the unit's forums are our main source of communication and I will check them daily
- I understand that I must respect my fellow members and will be discharged should I become problematic
- I understand that there is a chain of command and will respect the decisions of my superior officers

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VanDLaan (77th FS)

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PostSubject: Re: Holland's Application   Holland's Application Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 3:03 pm

Hello Holland from The USA.
I'd like to redirect you too http://the-go-devils.com/forum/index.php?action=forum
Here is where we moved to and you can still fly with us today since we restarted the 77th project!

See you there!
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Holland's Application
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