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Fay (77th FS)
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Lieutenant Colonel
Fay (77th FS)

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PostSubject: LI-5   LI-5 Icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 3:26 pm

LI-5 40845229
LI-5 29645579
LI-5 26112009204414
LI-5 61340319
This plane is awesome!
Its uses the same FM as the Storch, but it can fire 2 separate rockets! And the cockpit is fixed too! Doesnt use the P-39 lol.

I might go as far as making it a mandatory download. Its everything the storch should be.


Any question on installation just ask. NOTE: I Might be using this in future missions.

LI-5 28435916
Lt.Col. Jason "Phoenix" Fay
77th Fighter Squadron,
20th Fighter Wing, 8th Air Force
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