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 F84 Thunderstreak

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Fay (77th FS)
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Lieutenant Colonel
Fay (77th FS)

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PostSubject: F84 Thunderstreak   F84 Thunderstreak Icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 12:31 am

F84 Thunderstreak Aaaaaa10

F84 Thunderstreak Untitl11

It is a step over the Yak w/e jet... goes fast, CRAPPYYY handling though....

Load outs are

2x 500
2x 1000
20x HVAR
2 TIny tim + 8 HVAR
2x Napalm / Drop Tank

If you want to install it... talk to me because it varies, but im not totally sure its worth the trouble.

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Lt.Col. Jason "Phoenix" Fay
77th Fighter Squadron,
20th Fighter Wing, 8th Air Force
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F84 Thunderstreak
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