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 Turning off Voice Communication subtitles

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Turning off Voice Communication subtitles Empty
PostSubject: Turning off Voice Communication subtitles   Turning off Voice Communication subtitles Icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2010 5:55 pm

Hi Guys,

Most of the people get irritated by this, so here's a fix for your teammates spamming messages all over your screen. (You'll still hear them btw..!)

- Go to your IL-2 Sturmovik folder,
- Find the conf.ini file.
- Make a copy, and name it conf_copy.ini, just to be sure.
- Open the conf.ini file (with any text editor)
- under [game], try and find the line that says NoSubTitles=0.
- change the 0 to 1, save the file, and you are done..!

Your game has to be shut down first, then adjust the conf.ini file. Otherwise it'll just hop the settings back to what they were.

Good luck!
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Turning off Voice Communication subtitles
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