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 Aircraft weaknessess

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Patton (77th FS)
Patton (77th FS)

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Aircraft weaknessess Empty
PostSubject: Aircraft weaknessess   Aircraft weaknessess Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 9:35 am

A6M Zero

Weakness: Wings, fueltanks, speed
how to out manouvre it: Dive and turn to the RIGHT when faster then 370 KM/H
Strongpoints: Turns and Firepower

why? the A6M Zero doesn't have armor so you can shoot him very easiely.
if you dive you'll gain airspeed and when above 370 KM/H the Aileron of a zero Freezes and turning to the right makes it even harder for a zero.

N1K Shiden

Weakness: Undercarriage, Engine, speed
how to out manouvre it: High speed turns or out run it
Strong points: Turns and Firepower

Why? The N1K Shiden is a late WW2 fighter aircraft with automatic flaps but these will produce drag and this comes at a cost. his speed was already quit slow but with the flaps it can be fatal


Weakness: Wings, tail
how to out manouvre it: usualy you can out turn it but be carefull it ranges in the climate your in (snow, dessert etc)
Strongpoints: Speed, Firepower

Why? wings are less protected then the Cockpit area and if you already noticed you can shoot the tail of the BF-109 very easy


Weakness: manouverability, engine's
how to out manouvre it: turning
Strongpoints: speed, Firepower

Why? it got very heavy guns in the nose that makes him vulnerable for tight turns


Weakness: engine, Undercarriage, low speed
How to out manouvre it: A low speed spiral dive to the right or a Low speed hard right turn
Strongpoints: speed, Firepower

Why? his water cooled engine makes it vulnerable for bullets

P-51D mustang

Weakness: firepower engine, low speed, low altitude (well i dont have any problems at Low alt)
how to out manouvre it: low speed turns
Strongpoints: rate of fire, high altitude, climbing rate,speed

Why? his engine is water cooled and one shot from a bullet can make it leak and overheat it in metter of seconds.

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Aircraft weaknessess
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