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Unit Functions (WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT DONE) Empty
PostSubject: Unit Functions (WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT DONE)   Unit Functions (WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT DONE) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 12:42 pm

Article I. Standard Information on Basic Unit Operations and Functions

Section 1.01 Zero Tolerance Policy (3 Strike Rule)
-(A) Strike 1 is a verbal warning. Strike 2 is a kick from the program in which the violation took place. 3rd Strike is a temporary ban and a meeting called by the unit’s Commanding Officers.

-(B) Violation Charges
-----(i) Over usage of curse words
-----(ii) Use of heavy racial slurs
-----(iii) Disrespect / disregard for another member of the 77th
-----(iv) Insubordination
-----(v) Spamming on any platform
-----(vi) Disrespect toward other units of any game
-----(vii) Failing to wear proper tags

Section 1.02 Forum Responsibilities
-(A) Flight Check In
-----(i) Every week the Flight Leader of each flight will post a check-in in his/her flight’s section of the forums containing a roster of their flight. He/she is responsible for updating that roster as the flight members check in.
-----(ii) Each pilot is responsible for checking in on the roster mentioned in part i on a weekly basis

-(B) Leave of Absence / Reserves
-----(i) A LOA must be posted in the “Personnel Department” section of the forums by any pilot who knows they will be gone for more then 3 days. LOAs are good for up to one month before they are moved to reserves or discharged.
-----(ii) The reserves will take a pilot off active duty but the pilot remains a part of the unit.
-----(iii) A pilot in reserves may not take part in a sortie of any kind that is an official mission.

Section 1.03 Ranks and Positions
-(A) Rank Descriptions
-----(i) 2nd Lieutenant (2/Lt.): Entry level rank into the 77th Fighter Squadron. Lieutenant ranks make up the main body of each flight.
-----(ii) 1st Lieutenant (1/Lt.): Promotion from 2nd Lieutenant. A promotion to 1st Lieutenant requires the individual to go above and beyond the responsibilities of a 2nd Lieutenant and is used as an example for the 2nd Lieutenants to follow. Lieutenant ranks make up the main body of each flight.
-----(iii) Captain (Capt.): Promotion from 1st Lieutenant. Captain is generally the starting rank for Flight Leaders. Captain may also be pilot assigned under a Flight leader of equivalent or higher rank.
-----(iv) Major (Maj.): Promotion from Captain. Majors only permitted to be a Flight Leader or in a position of equal or higher stance with in the unit.
-----(v) Lieutenant Colonel (Lt.Col.): Promotion from Major. Lieutenant Colonel is generally the starting rank for Squadron Leader. Lieutenant Colonel is the highest permitted rank to lead a Flight.
-----(vi) Colonel (Col.): Promotion from Lieutenant Colonel. The Colonel is generally the highest rank within a Fighter Squadron. Colonel is also permitted to be the lowest rank to be used for Fighter Wing commander.

-(B) Position Responsibilities
-----(i) Wingman: The workhorse of the unit and one of the most important positions in the air, the wingman has to watch over their fellow pilots. If their partner becomes engaged in a hot situation, the wingman must always assist to make sure the objective is completed. Wingmen are required to advance their flying skills as much as they can while in the unit.
-----(ii) Flight Leader: Flight leader can lead a flight of 3-5 pilots. They are responsible for calling the shots in the air for his men. They also are charged with the upkeep of his flight out of game on a daily basis. (Thread maintenance, Mission planning, rule enforcement)
-----(iii) Squadron Leader: The Squadron leader has direct control over the flight leaders under their command. They are also responsible for the up keep of their squadron out of game. (Forum maintenance, Ventrilo Maintenance, Mission planning, rule enforcement)

-(C) Subunit Breakdown
-----(i) Wingmen: 1 pair of pilots with in a flight. 2-3 pairs of wingmen make up 1 flight.
-----(ii) Flight: 3-5 Pilots Including the Flight Leader
-----(iii) Fighter Squadron: 2-4 Flights
-----(iv) Fighter Wing: 2-4 Fighter Squadrons
-----(v) Group: A collection of smaller subunits (ie. Bombers squadrons)
-----(vi) Task Force: A Collection of specialized Groups
-----(vii) Air Force: A number of Wings and/or Groups

Article II. Mission and Online Playing Setup
Section 2.01 Mission breakdown
-(A) The unit runs off of a system that only allows for certain model aircraft to be used on official missions which are posted in “The Hanger” on the forums. They are the only aircraft permitted to be used and failure to do so will result in a mission failure.

-(B) The only people permitted to lead missions are the leaders and commanders.
-----(i) The pilot leading the sortie must record all the events that took place in the mission and report it. The report is then processed by the Squadron Commander and each pilots record is updated with the stats from the mission.

-(C) Each mission is posted in “The Briefing Room” on the forums. The only official sorties that can be carried out are the ones posted in this area.

Section 2.02 Scrimmages
-(A) All scrimmages must be posted on the forum at the minimum of six hours prior to the scheduled match

-(B) Only Leaders and Commanders may lead unit VS unit or flight VS Flight scrimmages
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