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 How to Install Slot Planes

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PostSubject: How to Install Slot Planes   Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:35 pm

Download the winRAR file containing the aircraft
-Extract the folder folder itself (not the contents inside) to your [MODS] folder
-Find a text file (Usually named "To-air") that has a long line of text. Copy the text (Dont edit it!)
-In [MODS], find a folder called [STD]
-Open [STD] -> [Com] -> [maddox] keep clicking folders (only 1 in each) until you get to a bunch of ini txt files.
-Open "Air.ini"
-Make add the line of text you copied and pste it where you like (It is in list order for ingame, so bottom of the list will = the bottom of the list in IL2 when choosing aircraft)
-Paste it as is then save

Note: Some have sounds and other mods added to it, follow designer instructions. Some slot planes will not work for on reason or another. Off the AAA site, all I have posted in this area DO work.


Lt.Col. Jason "Phoenix" Fay
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20th Fighter Wing, 8th Air Force
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How to Install Slot Planes
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