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 The liberation of The Netherlands

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Van D Laan (77th FS)

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PostSubject: The liberation of The Netherlands   Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:59 am

Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada troops in slit trenches, 8 Apr. 1945, Holten, Netherlands.

Canadian soldier wouded by German sniper fire while attempting to cross over the southern dyke of the Afwalnings Canal. 7 Apr. 1945, Laren, Netherlands.


Canadians escort German prisoners out of Holland.

Close-up of a Jerry prisoner captured near Otterloo after a German counter-attack towards Otterloo, in an attempt to cut the 5th Canadian Division spearhead. 17 Apr. 1945, Otterloo, The Netherlands.

Corporal R.N. Dyer in firing position, Queen's Own Rifle, during a night patrol near Nijmegen, Netherlands, January 2nd, 1945.

Crowd welcoming the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders of Canada to Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, April 16th, 1945.

Dutch civilians celebrate the liberation of Utrecht by the Canadian Army, 7 May 1945. (City where my university is located)

German officer discusses surrender arrangements on radio phone link set up by Canadian troops.

German soldiers being disarmed by troops of I Canadian Corps at a small arms dump in the Netherlands, May 11th, 1945.

Infantry of the South Saskatchewan Regiment lying down and firing through a hedge near Dutch farmhouse, Oranje Canal, the Netherlands, April 12th, 1945.

Infantrymen of the North Shore Regiment boarding an Alligator amphibious vehicle during Operation VERITABLE near Nijmegen, Netherlands, 8 February 1945.

Infantrymen of the North Shore Regiment climbing onto an Alligator amphibious tracked vehicle during Operation VERITABLE near Nijmegen, Netherlands, 8 February 1945.

Infantrymen of The South Saskatchewan Regiment during mopping-up operations along the Oranje Canal, Netherlands, April 12, 1945. Photograph by Lieutenant Dan Guravich

Liberation celebration.


Loading carriers into Buffaloes, and Buffaloes moving towards Ijssel River near Westervoort, The Netherlands, April 13th, 1945.

Members of B Troop, 5th Field Regiment, firing 25-pounder near Malden, Holland, 1 February 1945. From left to right; Sergeant Jack Brown, Bdr. Joe Wilson, Gunners Lyle Ludwig, Bill Budd, George Spence, and Bill Stewart.

Members of North Shore Regiment (N.S.r.) hunting and removing mines on approach to destroyed bridge. Zutphen, The Netherlands, 7 April 1945.

Members of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (P.P.C.L.I.) and a Buffalo amphibious vehicle used to cross the Ijssel River. 11 Apr. 1945, Zutphen, Netherlands.

On Nov. 9, 1944, the 2nd Canadian Corps occupied the Nijmegen salient bridgehead in Holland and turned it into a winter base. Then on Feb. 8, 1945, following a huge barrage - operation Ve

Personnel of Le Regiment de la Chaudiere using rubber raft to cross the Ijssel River. 7 Apr 1945.

Personnel of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry boarding a 'Buffalo' carrier. 11 Apr 1945, Zutphen (vicinity), Netherlands.

Personnel of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry aboard 'Sherman' tank of 'B' Squadron, Fort Garry Horse, advancing to Groningen, Netherlands, 13 April 1945.

Personnel of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry examining German 1000-pound bombs found during advance to Groningen, Netherlands, 13 April 1945.

Perth 'D' Coy section along forest road north of Arnhem. April 15th 1945.

Private George Pope and Private Dennis Townsend point with rifles at road sign showing Arnhem.

Private H. E. Goddard, of the Perth Regiment, carrying a Bren gun as he advances through a forest north of Arnhem with the 5th Canadian Armored Division.

Private K.O. Earl, of the Perth Regiment, stops for a rest in the forest north of Arnhem, as the 5 Canadian Division advances. 15 Apr 1945, Arnhem (vic), The Netherlands.

Private W. Smith of The Highland Light Infantry of Canada training to operate a Lifebuoy flamethrower, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 14 December 1944.

Privates V.R. Davis, D.G. Wragg and J.M. Cunningham (left to right) of Perth Regiment rest during 5 Canadian Division advance. 15 Apr 1945, Arnhem, Netherlands.

Sniper Arthur Godin, of the Regiment de la Chaudiere, 3 Canadian Infantry Division, during the fighting for. Zutphen, Netherlands, 7 April 1945.

Soldiers of the Perth Regiment move through Arnhem, April 15th 1945. Governor General's Horse Guards' Sherman to the right.

Surrender of German forces in the Netherlands, at 1st Canadian Corps.

Captain Robert Van D. Laan
Able Flight Leader
"The Flying Dutchmen"

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The liberation of The Netherlands
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